Make London Fit for the People of London


The new London Plan has been published, despite all our best efforts to get Sadiq Khan and Robert Jenrick to reconsider its policies given the effects they will have on the people of London and the environment in which we live and that we must cherish on behalf of future generations

I will continue to fight for development that is truly sustainable across London, although it is increasingly evident that our government, politicians and local authority officers have no desire to ensure the same

UPDATE 13 June 2021

The Mayor of London has clarified on his website that Kingston has not yet been designated as an Opportunity Area and is still relying on The Direction of Travel 2016 for its growth plans. Given the lack of any Strategic Environmental Assessment or Equalities Impact Assessment LOCALLY in Kingston ever, the cumulative impact of all development proposals coming forward at the moment have NOT been assessed by Kingston Council. This is incredibly worrying for residents and for the environment

I will continue to post updates and blog post on issues relevant to Kingston and to London as I become aware of them

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