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Who I am

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Caroline Shah


I have lived in South West London all my life. I was born and brought up near Heathrow Airport, lived in Richmond for 20 years and now live in Kingston. I worked in the City as a risk analyst and business development professional before running my own strategic consultancy business working with the government and social housing organisations all over England

My mother was English and my father was Indian. My dad came to England when he was 16 years old and was one of the first Indian immigrants in this country after the second world war.  My dad struggled to adapt to life in a culture that was foreign to him and in which he never felt he belonged. I was fostered for a couple of years as a teenager


I know what it is like to feel alone and how nature, heritage and a human-scale environment around you can sustain you when life is difficult. I believe that, as human beings, we need to feel that we belong somewhere and that London's diverse and well-established communities and neighbourhoods contribute in a critical way to our sense of well-being


So I am fighting to keep London a place where people and nature can not just survive but thrive together


My research, lobbying and challenging of public authority decisions over more than 6 years has exposed watered-down public policies and flawed and manipulated  decisions in both Kingston and at pan-London level that reflect a disregard for the well-being of people and which are in the process of destroying London's unique and rich historical and natural environment and ostensibly protected biodiversity and which threaten the well-being of a vast number of people who have made London our home

I believe that the new London Plan will cause significant harm to the environment that sustains us all and thus to the mental and physical well-being of Londoners, particularly the more vulnerable amongst us, and to insist that the plans are revised before it is too late.


I am willing unflinchingly to stand up for people's and nature's legal rights and will fight for these rights to be protected and honoured

I am standing as an Independent Candidate for Kingston Gate Ward of Kingston Council in Kingston in May 2022

I previously stood as an Independent Candidate for Richmond Park in the 2019 General Election and as an Independent Candidate for the 2018 Local Elections for Kingston Independent Residents Group


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