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Why we need to stop the London Plan

1. Parks, greens, sports grounds etc will be built on

•be able to build on parks and recreation grounds and other natural areas that do not already have a special protected designation

•not have to provide new natural areas or even concreted outdoor spaces even if local populations are doubling or tripling

•not have to provide more natural areas or even concreted outdoor spaces even if they are already lacking in your neighbourhood

Parks and other natural areas will be explicitly sacrificed to the creation of an “urban” environment in neighbourhoods across London

Developers will NOT have to:

  • take in to account the quality and capacity of alternative provision, as well as access to changing rooms etc, if they build on existing sports grounds

  • replace sports grounds that they build on with new sports grounds of the same space

  • show that the loss of any existing provision is outweighed by the benefit of its replacement

Sports England comments on draft London Plan (changes not made in Plan)

Policy S5B

Sport England welcomes the recent additional text for Policy S5B (4). However, the beginning of Policy S5 B states; ‘development for sports and recreation facilities should….’ Is it intended that this policy should apply only to sport and recreation facilities?

• If, for example, a new school or a housing development is proposed on an existing artificial pitch or sports hall would policy S5 apply?

• Would you be prepared to amend the text of Policy S5 B to be separated into 2 parts with S5 B (4) separated from Policy S5 B (1-3) to form a new part (D) of Policy S5 to read; ‘Development affecting sports and recreation facilities should…’ ‘ensure that there is no net loss of facilities, unless it can be demonstrated that there is no ongoing or future demand. Where published, a borough’s assessment of the need for sports and recreation facilities should be used to identify ongoing or future demand.’ S5(B) 1-3 would remain as they are in the draft Plan.

Sport England considers that if these further changes are made and form part of an amended and separated S5 B(4) that could also cover outdoor sports facilities in wider open spaces e.g. playing pitches, then this should go some way to help address our concerns

2. Our children will have fewer, smaller, lower quality sports grounds

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