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All locked up and nowhere to go (or play) - Cambridge Road Estate, Kingston

Not enough outdoor space and no entry for residents from 452 units in Plot C

Plans to demolish 834 homes on the Cambridge Road social housing estate in Kingston and replace them with 2100 units and other uses goes to Planning Committee on Tuesday 21 December 2021

But the proposals do not provide sufficient private or communal outdoor space or play areas for 45% of the residents of Phase One of the development who will move in to 452 flats in the 9, 11, and 12 storey buildings that comprise Plot C

You can read the details here

What is worse is that the majority of outdoor space is to be provided on raised podiums that are two or three storeys above ground. These podiums are only accessible to residents of the blocks that they serve and some will be in complete shadow for nearly all of the year

Anyone who lives in Plot C will be able to see residents of other blocks using the private and communal amenity space of which they have largely been arbitrarily deprived in a way that discriminates and is contrary to London Plan policy

Then there are the ground level courtyard play areas that will enjoy segregated access which is also contrary to London Plan policy

And - of course - we don't even know how much outdoor space and play area will be provided and in what form and in which location for the 80% of the development that is subject only to outline planning permission

The officers’ report clearly states that “the scale of buildings and the laying out or provision of gardens, courts, squares, water features, sculpture or public art and the provision of other amenity features” are Reserved Matters that will only be decided upon at a later date

Overheating, noise, fire risk and now lack of outdoor space and play areas

These are just five of many reasons why this planning application must be REFUSED

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