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The Killing - Kingston's plans to redevelop its largest social housing estate

The Killing - The planned redevelopment of Kingston's largest housing estate
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Please read my response to Kingston Council's consultation on the planning application for the redevelopment of the Cambridge Road Estate through the link above and send in your own response to copied to Nazeya Hussain at

Noise, over-heating, pollution during construction and once inhabited, "major adverse effect" over-shadowing, impact on health and well-being - These are just five of 19 reasons why proposals to redevelop the Cambridge Road Estate, The Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames' largest council estate, at three times density must NOT be allowed to go ahead

  • The human cost to workers demolishing the existing estate and rebuilding a new estate over 15 to 20 years will be HUGE

  • The human cost to Cambridge Road Estate residents remaining on the estate for years whilst vast areas are demolished and rebuilt around them will be HUGE

  • The human cost to people living around and en route to the Cambridge Road Estate will be HUGE

  • The human cost and cost to the natural world of more than tripling the population of the Cambridge Road Estate, whilst providing no additional meaningful green space, and exposing vulnerable people to excessive noise and heat and pollution on a daily basis will be HUGE

Meanwhile, consultants on this project are making a KILLING*

The council already paid out over £1.5 million in consultancy fees to progress its plans for the Cambridge Road Estate in just four years to 2020. This period ended months before documents started being filed as part of the planning application for the demolition and rebuild of the estate

How much more has Kingston Council spent on consultancy fees to try and push this application through its own decision-making committees from April 2020 to-date?

The earliest date of the 358 planning documents for the Cambridge Road Estate planning application on the Council's website is 19 November 2020 with a significant number of documents added after 1 January 2021 and one document added as recently as yesterday, 16 June 2021

The cost of producing all of these documents will be MASSIVE and additional to costs stated as incurred up to and including the end of the 2019/20 financial year

And there is one more thing

If a document has been added to the planning application on 16 June 2021, when will the consultation on this planning application close? I was told this would be on 21 June 2021. This gives people only FOUR working days to consider our responses. This breaches all reasonable principles of public consultation

* A Killing is defined as "an occasion when a person is murdered" or "earning a lot of money in a short time and with little effort"

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