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Plans for 4-lane carriageway at Tolworth to facilitate not-yet-approved massive development plans

District Centre to Urban Metropolis in 20 years?

TfL has been working with Kingston Council to develop a scheme to expand road capacity around Tolworth Roundabout and interchange. We are told that the proposals will bring minor benefits to car and bus users with an undisclosed increase in commuter numbers, and a more significant disadvantage to pedestrians. They talk about the scheme facilitating access to a transport interchange with "national" connections

Consultation has only happened when the scheme has progressed to design stage and Kingston council has failed to publicise the consultation widely or to inform the majority of people living in the communities around the area of the proposals. Consultation closed yesterday

I only found out about the scheme recently but managed to submit a response last night, just before the deadline. You can read my objections to the scheme in full here

Some of my key points are:

  • The document is misleading, inaccurate and incorrect. It provides inadequate information, evidence and analysis for the positive conclusions reached and, as such, does not provide the basis for a meaningful and neutral consultation. The consultation appears to have made a pre-determined decision that this scheme should go ahead

  • The consultation does not engage residents in a meaningful way nor does it allow residents to give informed comments on its content. The consultation is unsound and this scheme should not be allowed to progress.

  • The scheme should have been consulted upon with residents at an earlier stage

  • There is no evidence that people with protected characteristics have been consulted on these proposals.

  • The scheme is not justified on the basis that it has been conceived. The scheme is preparing the area for a massive increase in traffic arising from FUTURE development that has not yet been agreed. This is unacceptable. The document is vague and contradictory about the scheme’s objective – making the consultation unsound.

The Kingston Development Scenario Testing Documents (the “DST documents”) for the new London Plan show plans for the development of 8,125 new homes in Tolworth and the equivalent of a further 7950 one-bed flats in commercial development. This will lead to huge increases in traffic for which this scheme is laying the ground. This is not acceptable or democratic given that the new London Plan is not finalised and still open to legal challenge. Moreover, Kingston’s Local Plan targets are also not yet agreed.

  • The Equalities Impact Assessment (the "EqIA") is inadequate and its conclusions not evidence-based or justfiied. The EqIA highlights by omission how people with protected characteristics will be severely negatively affected by the scheme which makes the scheme unviable on this basis alone

  • The scheme results in significant negative impacts on pedestrians and has overlooked the effect of increased exposure to pollution for pedestrians from the requirement to cross the road at surface level upon closure of the south west subway. Pedestrians will suffer as a result of this scheme whilst car and bus users will see minimal benefits. The proposal for a shared cycle/ pedestrian/ wheelchair pathway is unsound and the benefits are not evidenced

  • The scheme has failed to assess the noise and environmental pollution and mental stress to which residents will be exposed during the construction phase

  • The scheme has not assessed the extent to which Compulsory Purchase Orders will be needed to be used to make the scheme happen and the effect on people’s mental health of not knowing if they will lose their homes to a scheme

  • No sustainability assessment of this scheme has taken place. What impact will this scheme and future proposed changes at the Hook Junction have on the environment and biodiversity?

  • It is impossible to respond in an informed way to the scheme consultation given the lack of information and sound analysis. Why was the CPOS report not published with the document?

  • The Appendices to the scheme consultation are missing. This renders the consultation information incomplete. For example, evidence about the impacts of the scheme on pedestrians in the Analysis Legion Modelling is not provided as stated. The consultation is therefore unsound.

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