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Enough is enough - Kingston Spending is Out of Control

Kingston Spending is Out of Control

Cambridge Road Estate - gentrification by demolition

Did you know that 45% of Kingston Council's spending is on "corporate" activities that include growth and large amounts on senior staff? Of £146 million Kingston council's budgeted expenditure for 2022 to 2023, £66 million will be spent on corporate activities in this way

Did you know that Kingston Council:

  • plans to spend more on "corporate" activities this year than on vital adult social care and health at £49 million (34%) and on children's services at £31.5 million (21.5%) and will only spend a piddly £3.2 million or 3% on culture and on our communities?

  • has no plans for environmental investment apart from £12 million in electric vehicles for the dustbin men over the next four years?

  • is increasing rents for the most vulnerable people in the Borough by a whopping 1% above inflation or 4.1% this year for the next 5 years?

  • needs to raise £99 million in debt over the next four years to fund its General Fund expenditures, with £50 million of that figure associated with the costs of acquiring properties on The Cambridge Road Estate to facilitate Phase One of a redevelopment that the council has already called "commercially unviable"?

  • needs to borrow an additional £57 million in the next four years to Housing Revenue? Account expenditures including small sites development for decanting people from the Cambridge Road Estate amongst other things, major capital works and asset improvements?

  • states explicitly in its budget pack that there "have been no public consultations specific to these proposals"

  • will spend £1.2 million on its Chief Executive's office in 2022-23?

  • wants to cut expenditure by £8 million this year ?

  • will spend our council tax hiring an additional 50 to 75 staff over the next four years to accommodate growth?

  • intends to use capital receipts from the sale of publicly owned assets to fund day to day services. Is this what the sale of The Cattle Market and Guildhall buildings is partly going to finance? When it's gone it's gone.

  • has allocated £6.3 million of £9.3 million in capital receipts raised from the sale of assets in 2017/18 to fund "transformation" costs in the current year and future projects that will deliver the required savings?

  • includes the following activities in the term "transformation" : the digitalisation of services (no people contact, computer access only), sharing services with other local authorities, freeing up land for economic use, funding restructuring and reconfiguration of services for ongoing efficiency savings or "service transformation", sharing Chief Executives, management teams or staffing structures ie merging of local authorities, aggregating procurement, improving systems and processes to tackle fraud, setting up commercial or alternative delivery models to deliver services eg through selling services to others, integrating public facing services across two or more public sector bodies?

  • includes in our council tax - which is the second highest in England - a levy that goes towards towards the upkeep of Lee Valley Regional Park? Those residents near the A3 also pay a levy towards the upkeep of Wimbledon Common. There is no levy on anyone visiting Richmond Park which is the most visited park in London and about to suffer mass development all around

Published and promoted by Caroline Shah, KT2 5JY 205
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