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Fire risk for residents in first phase of Cambridge Road Estate redevelopment

Are residents in Phase One of Cambridge Road Estate redevelopment at risk?

The report of Kingston Council officers recommending approval of the demolition and rebuild of the Cambridge Road Estate in Kingston skims over issues of fire safety in a single page

The report limits observations on compliance to saying that a Fire Statement has been prepared for the 20% of the estate that is to be built and occupied in the first phase of the development and that the Fire Statement is policy compliant

However, no evidence is presented about how the proposed development offers policy-compliant protection for residents against fire risk

This is particularly worrying given the fact that, according to the Fire Statement prepared by Jensen Hughes, "The construction materials, products and method of the development have not been specified yet"

This is in clear breach of London Plan policy on Fire Safety D12 B1 which states "the building’s construction: methods, products and materials used, including manufacturers’ details"

Officers also recommend that Fire Safety for the remaining 80% of the 2100 units to be built on the site will be secured by planning condition, which means they are asking councillors to approve outline permission for the vast majority of this development with details of the measures and features to protect thousands of people from the effects of fire as yet unknown

You can read here the excerpt from the officers' report to Planning Committee about Fire Safety, the London Plan policies that relate to fire safety and my comments about why London Plan requirements to ensure fire safety in new developments appear not to be being met

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