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Time to help the residents of Kingston's Cambridge Road social housing estate to take back control

Kingston Council will move many residents in to two 10 -13 storey tower blocks on Madingley Gardens facing Cambridge Road

Please help me to support residents on the Cambridge Road social housing estate in The Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames who are concerned at the plans that Kingston Council has approved to demolish their homes and to build a new estate at almost three times the density

Donate to help seek the legal opinion of Jenny Wigley QC as to whether there are grounds to challenge Kingston Council's decision

Some residents will be moved to flats in two high rise tower blocks facing the busy Cambridge Road, where they will be expected to keep their bedroom windows open for 19 hours a day from 7am until 2 o’clock in the morning in order to avoid overheating

However, the new units will only meet requirements on noise levels with the windows closed

The same residents will face a similarly absurd situation in their living areas where they will be expected to keep windows shut from early morning until 10 pm each day to shut out road noise and then leave windows open all night to avoid overheating

Jenny Wigley will be looking at all aspects of the planning application and officers' recommendation to Planning Committee to approve the application, focussing on whether there are grounds to challenge the decision on issues relating to:

· Lack of on-going consultation with secure tenants

· Human Rights

· Public Sector Equalities Duties

· Amenity and Play Space

· Public Transport Accessibility

· Overheating

· Noise

· Bat, sparrow and stag beetle

You can read more details about these possible grounds of challenge here

Please contribute whatever you can afford so that we can help residents on the Cambridge Road Estate ensure that Kingston Council abides by its Human Rights, Equalities and Environmental duties in this massive project that will affect the lives of so many people
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