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HOT PROPERTY: Kingston Council officers don't care if people overheat in new Cambridge Road towers

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Living on the new Cambridge Road Estate could be a life or death decision

The planning application to demolish the whole Cambridge Road social housing estate in Kingston and replace 834 homes with a whopping 2170 residential units, most for private sale, goes to Planning Committee on Tuesday 21 December 2021

The council officers' report recommending APPROVAL of the scheme says that consultants have shown that the scheme complies with London Plan policy SI 4 Managing Heat Risk but I believe that there is strong evidence that scheme does not demonstrate satisfactorily how it will "reduce the potential for overheating"

A further issue that is unaddressed is that - in order to avoid the risk of overheating - the development relies on windows being opened. However, this will expose some residents to unacceptable levels of noise

Please read the policy, my reasons why I believe over-heating in the new flats will pose a significant threat to the health of residents, why the London Plan policy is breached and Kingston council's assertions of why overheating risk is not an issue

You can read about the interaction between overheating and exposure to noise that has not been explored in this planning application here

Decide for yourself - would you want to live in one of these flats?

For information, here are the effects of over-heating from BRE Guidance Document: Overheating in Dwellings

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