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Kingston council's plans for commercial development are as big as massive stated housing targets

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Is Kingston about to become London's new biggest "regeneration" project, taking over from Old Oak and Park Royal ("OPDC") near Ealing?

How can commercial and residential development on the proposed scale be justified across our ancient Borough?

Is this what commercial development will look like in Kingston?

When is Kingston Council planning to explain to residents and the wider public the extent of its plans for commercial development?

How many jobs is Kingston Council planning to cater for across the Borough?

How will proposed commercial development in Kingston compare with the 65,000 jobs being planned at Old Oak and Park Royal, pictured above and below, and with building of 55,000 new homes across our Borough?

How will this development affect us all?

The future of Kingston?

Kingston Council's Development Scenario Testing ("DST") documents for the draft new London Plan show that Kingston Council and Greater London Authority (the "GLA") are planning massive commercial development throughout the Borough

It is hard to imagine how big a commercial office or retail space or warehouse will be, so I have converted the figures given for forecast commercial growth from square metres to the equivalent number of one- bed flats. I have converted from square metres at the equivalent of 45.26 square metres per one-bed flat using an average taken from a sample of purpose built one-bed flats in London on Zoopla

Here is a summary of commercial development planned

Under the high growth development scenario, planned commercial development is the equivalent of 36,000 one-bed flats, 20,000 in Kingston Town and 16,000 in the rest of the Borough

Under the high growth development scenario, Kingston Council is planning that Kingston Riverside will see commercial building that could house the equivalent of 2,009 one-bed flats and represents 11% of the commercial growth earmarked for Kingston Town and the Hogsmill Valley

The council is planning for commercial buildings in the area around Kingston Station that are the equivalent in size to 9,200 one-bed flats, with buildings that are the equivalent of 3,000 one-bed units in the adjacent Kingston Retail area. Meanwhile, Kingston Town Centre (South) will see commercial buildings that will be the equivalent in size to 2,492 one-bed flats

This gives commercial development in Kingston Town, excluding Kingston Riverside, equivalent in size to 14,692 one-bed flats

Meanwhile, the Council is planning to build commercial premises that are the equivalent of 2,773 one-bed flats on the London Road and the Cambridge Road Estate

What about the rest of the Borough?

Under the high growth development scenario, Kingston council is planning commercial development in Tolworth that is the equivalent of a massive 7,950 one-bed flats, with commercial development that is the equivalent of 7,402 one-bed homes in New Malden and Berrylands

Even the Chessingtons, where Kingston Council is currently planning that only 2% of commercial growth outside of Kingston Town will take place, will see commercial development that is the equivalent of 724 one-bed flats

No additional public transport, apart from buses, will be available to service the planned residential and commercial development and no account has been taken of the effect of development on this scale on communities and neighbourhoods and on the rich natural and historic environment in our Borough and the surrounding areas

Kingston has woefully inadequate pubpic transport connections

Royal Kingston is not Park Royal

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