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Instructions to Jenny Wigley QC re Kingston decision to build new leisure centre

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

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Kingston Council's promise to our communities - access to toilets and a meeting room
Are there legal grounds to challenge Kingston Council's decision to approve its plans for a £40-£50 million new centre on the site of The Kingfisher?

Tomorrow, I hope to ask Ricardo Gama at Leigh Day to seek the Opinion of Jenny Wigley QC on certain aspects of Kingston Council's decision

We can only raise issues that are matters of law, whatever our wider concerns about the council's plans for this site and the adjacent Cattle Market

You can read a summary of the instructions here

Someone has offered to match any donations made by 3 pm on Monday [edit] that will help us fund the remaining £800 we need to ask Jenny to start her work

You can donate here if you would like to help get Jenny Wigley's Opinion of whether the council's decision was legally flawed

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