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URGENT: Kingston Council meets on 1 September to agree demolition of Kingfisher Leisure Centre

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

No more swimming for Kingston Royals in Kingston


Kingston Council's plans to demolish the Kingfisher Leisure Centre with no replacement go to PLanning Committee on 1 September 2021. The council KEPT THIS VERY QUIET and it is the earliest possible date for the council to consider the application, hoping we will all still be in "holiday" mode

This is also DESPITE the fact that new documents have been added to the planning application as late as 20 August 2021. The plans take NO ACCOUNT of the vast arcaheological significance of the site and UNDERESTIMATE hugely the pollution, noise and disruption to residents in surrounding areas. The plans state that demolition can take place with a maximum of TWO vehicle movements a month in September, with some demolition traffic occurring in June (how?).

You can read the demolition planning application documents and leave comments on the Council's demolition plans here

You can read my response to the consultation on the planning application for the demolition of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre here. I will be responding in the next couple of days to the two new documents added to the application

Local Community Group, Save Royal Kingston, has recently applied for The Kingfisher Leisure Centre to become an Asset of Community Value, alongside the Cattle Market, Kingston Museum and Kingston Library. Such a status would mean the Council has to give the group the right to bid for the Centre before making any decision to dispose of the Centre in any way.

There is absolutely NO guarantee of any replacement leisure centre on the site.

Ealing Council just refused a "cost neutral" application for up to 17 storey towers to fund the rebuild of the Gurnell Leisure Centre in Ealing. That leisure centre remains ominously closed.

PLEASE write in and oppose the demolition of the Kingfisher, the inadequacy of the "consultation", the addition of "late material" to the planning application, the lack of data supporting assumptions about vehicular movements, the inadequate attention to the huge national archaeological importance of the site

There is no formal end to the consultation as the Planning Committee meets only 10 days after the last documents were posted on the council's website. I received a letter informing me of the additional documents only on 23 August 2021.

This gives residents only a WEEK over a bank holiday weekend to respond to the consultation

The application number to search for the demolition application on the council's planning portal is 21/01935/CREG3. You can access it via this link: Then choose option 3 and scroll down to the bottom of the page to "comment on/ search a planning application". You then enter the reference above or "Kingfisher" in the search box

The application has been accepted by the Council who have said they will make a decision on it by September 2021. However, it has since been discovered that the Council had already - on 16 June 2021 - submitted a planning application to themselves to DEMOLISH the Kingfisher.

The Council plans to start demolishing the Kingfisher Leisure Centre in AUGUST, which is just 8 days from now

A chart in the Construction Traffic Management Plan which is part of the demolition planning application shows that there will be a peak number of HGVs visting the site in August to demolish the building

The biggest shock though is that, in the same document, the consultants state that the Kingfisher Leisure Centre is “now deemed surplus to requirements

So it seems that the council never had any intention of replacing the Kingfisher Leisure Centre at all, whilst it is facilitating an explosion in the local population by allowing mass over-development on sites across the Borough

You can read my response to the consultation on the planning application for the demolition of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre here

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