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Kingston Council - fly-tipping or bust?

Updated: Feb 6

£100 to use the Villiers Road dump?

Does Kingston Council believe that fly-tipping is the way forward?

Sign the petition to stop Kingston residents being charged to use the local dump

Next Thursday evening, the Council is voting to introduce charges for residents to use the Villiers Road dump

The minimum cost for dropping anything off at the dump will be £5 for a bag. You can go to the dump a maximum of 20 times in any one year. Payment will be by contactless card only because "the Council no longer accepts cash payments as a standard payment method."

They say that the aim of the scheme is to save £21,000 in costs*. But the truth is that it is a massive revenue-raising exercise which could cost residents £5 to £10 million a year

And that is on top of our council tax which is one of the highest in the country and is going up by the maximum amount of 4.99% that is allowed without a local referendum

We are having no say in what happens to and in our Borough. Enough is enough

A base scenario of revenue raised from charges:

50 cars an hour dumping an average of 10 items each = 500 items at £5 each =

£2500 per hour

£2500 per hour x 7 = £17,500 per day

£17,500 per hour x 7 = £122,500 per week

£122,500 per week x 52 = £6.4 million per annum

Here are the charges we will have to pay to use Villiers Road dump:

Rubble and hardcore: £5 per sack measuring a maximum of 50cm x 77cm

Household fixtures and fittings: £5 per item

Sheds and fencing/ timber: £5 per item

Flooring and carpets: £5 per sack

Sheds and fencing/ timber: £5 per item

*“There is anecdotal evidence from site staff that some (people) are traders using the site inappropriately, and others that attend through habit bringing only one or two items each time, but visiting very regularly.

"This is expected to deliver savings on waste disposal costs (approx £21,000)"

I am raising money now to fight the London Plan and the massive growth plans for Kingston that will blight all our lives further

You can support my legal challenge here

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