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Kingston Council in statutory breach in pursuit of its dubious plans for leisure centre

Why are Kingston Council officers ignoringthe breach of the Council's statutory obligations?

I am unable to get the final Opinion of Jenny Wigley QC

Kingston Council has breached Section 100 D of the Local Government Act 1972 by failing to publish the review by RPS Consulting Services (the "RPS Review") of The Heritage Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment for the planning application as a background paper for the council meeting at which the planning application was determined

Jenny Wigley needs to see the RPS Review in order to give me her Opinion

I have now requested twice of the Chief Executive, Ian Thomas, that the council publish the RPS Review as a background document to planning application 22/00602/FUL on its website without delay, but he has not even acknowledged my request

Please can I ask you to write to Mr Thomas and ask him to ensure that the Council meet its statutory duty and publishes WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY the RPS Review alongside the other background papers for the planning application for the new leisure centre that they have approved

The council, through its delay, is eating in to the time in which we will be able to launch a legal challenge, should Jenny Wigley QC conclude that there are reasonable grounds to do so

Please write now to Mr Thomas at and copy your message to council officer, Tim Naylor at as well as to Council leader, Mr Andreas Kirsch at

Time is running out to challenge the council's dubious plans

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