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Kingston Extinction?

How can birds survive in a concrete jungle?

In October 2016, our council officers recommend approval of, and a mere eight of our councillors APPROVED, the principle - as hidden in the Direction of Travel document - that Kingston should see massive development on LARGE SITES across the Borough and that the scale of the development should rise further as part of the Borough becoming an "opportunity" area and further still with Crossrail 2

As a result of our council's plans, we will see at least 32,000 homes built on large sites across the Borough (draft London Plan and SHLAA) as well as the provision of 43,000 jobs (Kingston Transport Study 2018)

And, yet, in the report to Growth Committee in October 2016, the council officers made the following statement which not ONE councillor challenged:

Environmental Implications: 34. NONE

You can read the Direction of Travel report to the Growth Committee in October 2016 under Council Growth above

Excerpt from Report on Direction of Travel approved by 8 councillors in October 2016

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