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Kingston - if you can't stand the heat, open the window to the noise outside

Cambridge Road Estate redevelopment - A choice between overheating and noise pollution

If you don't open the windows of your new flat in the Cambridge Road Estate, you will risk overheating. If you do open the windows of your flat, the noise to which you will be exposed may well breach World Health Organisation noise guidelines and appears to breach London Plan policies on noise

The officers' report for the planning application to demolish Kingston's Cambridge Road social housing estate of over 800 dwellings, to be replaced by over 2100 dwellings, goes to committee on Tuesday 21 December

Read here how risks arising from noise and overheating are inextricably linked and impossible to solve, how the officers' report has not recognised or alerted decision-makers to this problem that is unsolvable in the plans before councillors, how Agent of Change policies have not been addressed iin the report and how evidence points to a possible breach of London Plan policies on noise and the principles of Agent of Change

Decide for yourself - would you want to live in one of these flats? And is it acceptable that anyone should do so?

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