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The undemocratic sale of our Royal Borough by Kingston council

Kingston - sold down the River

In 2015, the Greater London Authority completed a housing planning document in which it stipulated that Boroughs who presented large sites to them as available for development would have to build many, many more houses than were needed to meet local need

Kingston council jumped straight on the bandwagon

Kingston council has never looked back, despite a change in political "leadership" in 2018

In fact, the new administration has shut down any democratic challenge of their plans

You can read how Kingston Council supported the GLA's plans way back in 2015 here

The only possible challenge now is through the Courts

It is not too late to challenge both the London Plan and, later, Kingston's Local Plan, the consultation for which was highly flawed

The auditors, Grant Thornton, might also eventually call the council out for not providing us with "value for money", but they seem strangely reluctant to do so, despite all the shenanigans playing out before our eyes

Residents' opinions on the full scale and type of growth being imposed upon the Borough have never been sought, and proper sustainability assessments have not been completed

We have been sold down the river

Nothing has changed

If we want to stop these plans, we must stand up together against them

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