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Legal challenge likely as Kingston council officers recommend demolition of The Kingfisher tonight

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We can still save The Kingfisher Leisure Centre

Read below the 19 reasons why I believe that The Planning Committee of Kingston Council must not vote to approve demolition of The Kingfisher Leisure Centre tonight

Please write to any of the councillors listed through the link above or any of the councillors in the ward where you live if you agree that the planning application should NOT be approved

You can read the details supporting each of the 19 reasons why I believe the planning application remains highly flawed here:

Objection to recommendation to demolish The Kingfisher Leisure Centre Publication
Download PDF • 328KB

A vote for demolition exposes the council to the high likeihood of a claim for judicial review of the decision, given the strength of possible legal and policy breaches that such a decision may give rise

It appears that Kingston Council is so determined to clear The Kingfisher site in order to facilitate its wider development objectives that it is prepared to accept the risk of a legal challenge

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