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Help me stop the threat to London's heritage from the London Plan

Designated heritage buildings, monuments, parks and gardens across London, including Richmond Park, under threat

The Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick, said in March 2020, after reading the London Plan that the Mayor intended to publish, that he was directing changes to the Plan because of a number of "inconsistencies" with national policy. However, Mr Jenrick overlooked apparent major inconsistencies relating to designated heritage assets that are critically important to the protection and conservation of London's rich and varied heritage.

Without changes to these policies, London's heritage is under threat as never before

You can read here why I believe the policies relating to heritage in the London Plan need to change. I have written to Mr Jenrick and asked him to remedy the inconsistency and ensure that London's heritage receives the same protection in policy as the rest of the country

Please help me raise the money ask for a top QC's opinion on whether I have grounds to challenge the London Plan because of this apparent flaw:


National policy seeks to protect all heritage assets, including parks such as Grade I listed Richmond Park and the World Heritage Site at Kew Gardens. Very significant protection extends to all Grade I and II listed buildings, parks and gardens as well as other types of asset. But the London Plan does not seek to protect London's great heritage. It rather pays lip service to the need to preserve and enhance our past and instead focusing on the role of heritage in the "regeneration" of London

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