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A London Plan Challenge is Live

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Standing up for the rights of Londoners against The "London" Plan

A legal challenge of The London Plan is near

I have received the Opinion of Robin Green from Cornerstone Barristers who believes that there is not a sufficiently strong chance of a successful challenge on the specific issues that we raised. Mr Green believes there are weaker merits than did Marc Willers QC in relation to the London Plan's heritage policies and Marc is unfortunately not currently available to take that case forward. I am sure you will share my frustration about why a challenge is not possible on the these issues

I am now asking you to support Meenakshi Sharma, a resident of Ilford, East London, who has taken the first step towards a formal challenge of the London Plan by sending a pre-action letter to the Mayor of London following an Opinion she received saying there are merits in such a challenge. The challenge relates to the failure of the Plan to consider how last minute changes that were made to the Plan affect the equality of treatment of Londoners and the lack of public consultation on the changes I have been in contact with Meenakshi for over two years. I met Meenakshi at the Examination in Public of the London Plan where we were both campaigning in our own way against the harmful effects of development in “opportunity” areas and other areas targeted with large-scale development

If a judge were to quash The London Plan, the Plan’s policies would need to be revisited and more public consultation would have to take place. This would give Londoners the opportunity we should always have had to inform the sort of London we want for the future

​ Meenakshi is committed to stopping the new London Plan and the inequities and greater inequalities that it will bring

​ Meenakshi is waiting for the Mayor of London's reply which is due on or before 29th March 2021

​ ​When she has received a response from the Mayor of London, Meenakshi intends to instruct a barrister to review the response letter and any associated documents to evaluate whether a legal claim against the London Plan might still be successful

If, having undertaken that review, the barrister believes that there are still grounds for a legal challenge, Meenakshi will need to initiate court proceedings within a very short period of time from the end of March 2021

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