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New Year to reveal cost to local residents of Kings(ton) madness

Kingston Council is mad about its plans to "transform" Kingston in to a high-rise city and to demolish The Kingfisher Leisure Centre that needs a new roof and some refurbishment repairs

Here is my response to the latest "consultation" on plans for a new leisure centre on The site of The Kingfisher. The consultation ends with the strike of Big Ben to welcome in 2022

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Kingston Council doesn't care about the local environmental or human cost of its plans

Kingston Council doesn't care about the financial risks and risks to provision of basic services to which it is exposing local residents by flogging off public land on the Cambridge Road Estate and The Cattle Market to facilitate large scale, dense, high rise residential, retail and commercial development by private sector developers, all in return for a pittance of so-called "affordable" housing at a 20% discount to what will anyway be exorbitant and overtly unaffordable prices of new development

Despite having received a letter from Leigh Day solicitors laying out the grounds for a possible legal challenge of the approval in September 2021 of a planning application by the council to demolish The Kingfisher, Kingston Council appear to be madly storming ahead with their plans. The council are engaged in a somewhat frenzied "consultation" - on what a new leisure centre will look like. But the consultation is being conducted in a somewhat closed, leading and non-sensical way - as though the more responses they receive the more justified their unsound plans will become

This from the Chief Executive of Kingston Council on Twitter:

Kingston Council are intent on storming ahead with their plans, despite strong evidence to undermine them

Is it simply that they can see no way back?

MACBETH: "I am in blood stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o'er" (Act 3, scene 5)

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