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NK Forum Neighbourhood Plan - an environmental catastrophe of over-development in Canbury

Children's party in the grounds of the Scout Hut this morning

Who would have thought that a group that is ostensibly a "neighbourhood" group could put forward a plan that will destroy vast swathes of Canbury Ward with unnecessary over-development?

It was only by reading the AECOM Sustainability Appraisal that it became clear that the North Kingston Forum's plans will result in an unecessarily vast amount of commercial, community and residential development, almost all of which will - if they have their way - be squashed in to Canbury Ward, including on the Scout Hut and grounds on the Tudor boundary with Canbury.

AECOM, the company that did the Appraisal, state that the majority of the 1500 residential units that the NKForum wants to plonk in Canbury Ward, the ward that already has the highest density of population in the Borough, can be delivered on just a few sites put forward by the Forum. So why is the Forum advocating large scale development everywhere?

There is simply no need for it to happen.

And why should we accept that an additional 1500 residential units (or many more than that it seems) should be dumped in an already densely inhabited area with only a protected SPecial Area of Conservation - Richmond Park - as residents' open green space.

The Plan, and Aecom's assessment of it, simply do not stack up.

You can read why I believe AECOM's environmental assessment is flawed here and why I believe the Fourm's plan does not withstand scrutiny here.

Lastly, here is a chart that shows the relative density of development being proposed on various sites thoughout the Forum's area.

Consultation on the NK Forum neighbourhood plan closes tonight at 23.59. You can contact the committee after this time.

It appears as though majority of the committee live on roads or areas or on or near sites being offered protection in the Plan or otherwise have property or construction interests

Four out of Ten members of the Committee are members of the Canbury and Riverside Association, which covers the area shown below:

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