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Jenrick's plans for "happier more rooted communities" or "East Berlin in the suburbs*"?

Watch out - something is about to hit us...

Please keep donating to my fundraising so that we can challenge the London Plan - on which Jenrick's wider plans are modelled - when it is published

Robert Jenrick's plans to allow massive development take place across the country without the need for full planning permission will be devastating for the environment and equalities

For the vast majority of applications for "permission in principle" for developments of up to at least 150 dwellings with unlimited commercial development , there will be no need to assess the impact they will have on nature, biodiversity, the environment, heritage, open and green spaces, social and transport infrastructure or the need for extra policing. There will only be a 14 day consultation period and minimal publicity requirements

The information that developers will need to submit to get approval will be able to be written on the back of a stamp

Meanwhile, the limit on small site development - that does not need to make a contribution to affordable housing - will rise from 9 dwellings to 40 or 50 dwellings and the formula used to calculate how much housing every local authority needs to build will be based on the assumption that we should all be living where we work or working where we live

This sounds like East Berlin in more ways than one; certainly not the recipe for "happier more rooted communities" that will "bring our country together" that Jenrick claims it to be

You can submit your own responses until 23.45 today Thursday 1 October 2020

Read my responses to the "Consultation on Changes to the Current Planning System"

* The Telegraph, 28 September 2020

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