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Last chance to stop the London Plan. Please help me now

Updated: May 17, 2020

Caroline Shah Kingston upon Thames, ENG, United Kingdom

16 May 2020 —

The London Plan pays lip service to nature, heritage and people's well-being

The London Plan is due to be published in the next few weeks

A leading London QC has agreed to give me written advice as to whether there is a case for challenging the plan. From the date The London Plan is published, we will have only a matter of weeks to launch a challenge in the courts if we need and want to do so

Will you donate towards the cost of legal advice?

We must move quickly. I need to raise a maximum of £4000 to pay for legal advice

You can make a donation via my GoFundMe page

I will keep any money I raise in excess of the agreed fee to fund any further legal advice or legal action. At the end of the process, I will donate any funds remaining to the NHS Charities Together Appeal

What advice am I seeking?

The QC will advise on whether the London Plan meets statutory requirements with respect to growth targets and the protection of the environment and heritage assets

What will I do with the advice?

If the QC agrees there are merits in my case, I will be able to use the written advice to:

a. Support my request to the Mayor of London to address those issues before he publishes the London Plan b. Publicise widely how the way in which plans for massive growth have been agreed in places like Kingston and across London is not legally sound c. Raise awareness about the threat to the natural environment and biodiversity across and beyond Greater London from the London Plan d. Raise more funds for a possible legal challenge e. Launch legal action against the London Plan as a last resort

Please support me now

This really is our last chance to stop these flawed plans

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