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Save our precious land

Land registry reforms- helping developers clear land for redevelopment

Robert Jenrick's White Paper: Planning for the Future contained a hidden link to confused and unclear proposed reforms to the Land Registry: Transparency and Competition

The government claims that proposed reforms that reveal who has the right to buy or sell land under options and other financial market mechanisms will simply imporve transparency and help local communities to "play an informed role" in the development of neighbourhoods"

However, my plain English analysis of the plans brings me to an altogether different conclusion

There appear to be no benefits to local communities from the proposals, which will simply facilitate and speed up developers' and investors' ability to clear us our of our houses and off our land so that they can redevelop it

Yet again, the government asks us for OUR views on the effects of the proposals on people with protected characteristics with evidence for our reply when it has not bothered to fulfil its public sector duty in this regard in any way. Similarly, there has been no environmental or health impact assessment of the proposals

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