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Kingston council's secret plans to redevelop Park Road and the allotments

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Park Road "disparate, shifting styles, layouts and incoherent feel"

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It seems that Park Road may have already been earmarked for redevelopment with a new designation that has been given to our area

Kingston Council has hidden the 2018 "View Study" from residents' view

Here is the description that Kingston council has agreed for an area that they have unilaterally designated as "Park Road North":

Note the careful use of language particularly to describe the the allotments. This could be used to justify development of the area which is literally on the boundary of Richmond Park, on the basis that it would not be visible from the park: "nestled beneath the rising ground" , "sheltered from" and "partly surrounded by trees" with "long views in to the park"

They make it sound like a developer's dream when it is a well-established residential area

Bear in mind that Canbury Ward also has almost no public open space of its own apart from the river bank and is already seeing huge residential development coming forward

Redevelopment of the allotments and of a large stretch of - or even all of - Park Road and the surrounding roads would put even more pressure on Richmond Park which is already suffering hugely from increased visitor numbers and which is meant to be protected under international law for its ancient woodland and the stag beetle, both of which are vulnerable to recreational pressure from an increase in visitors to the park. Loss of gardens and the allotments would destroy many places that act as habitat for the stag beetle and reduce even further the amount of green space for people to enjoy in Kingston, which is a already borough with one of the lowest levels of public green space in the whole of London

On top of this, the new London Plan makes clear that the Mayor of London is currently seeking new powers to enable him to compulsorily purchase land earmarked for redevelopment

Below is a map of showing the area that the council has designated as "Park Road North"

Park Road North seems to include Park Road, Bertram Road, Upper Park Road, Kelvedon Close, Wingfield Road, Woodcote Close, Park Gardens, Wilmer Crescent, Parkfield Road, Wilmer Close, Hatch Place, Sopwith Close and the whole of the allotments at the end of Park Road

I have also heard from two separate sources that the area targetted for development includes the scout hut - one of the first scout huts in the country - and the land behind the scout hut

Please donate to my fundraising to take the London Plan to judicial review and to expose what is being planned for communities in Kingston and across the capital behind closed doors without our consent. By the time we get asked our opinion of the proposals they bring forward, it will be too late to stop them

There is absolutely no indication that the London Plan will not go ahead and bring in policies that will support the kind of development being outlined above

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