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SHOCK NEWS: Even the Mayor admits Crossrail2 into Kingston may be delayed by up to 6 years

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

What on earth are our public authorities doing to our Royal Borough?

The Mayor has recently published the latest draft of the new London Plan

Kingston is still designated as a nascent "opportunity area" and our growth targets remain the same. This is especially true for our LARGE sites (over 0.25 hectare) on which the majority of massive planned development will happen

But the Mayor now admits that Crossrail 2 may not arrive in Kingston by 2033. Indeed, he has changed the date to the vague "2030s". This could be as far out as 2039, which is in 20 years time

Why then is our council still planning a massive increase in development and density of development all around the Borough NOW, especially on large sites?

Why are Kingston's development targets in the London Plan so high NOW when we will see no significant transport improvements across the Borough - if they happen at all - for two decades?

Why are we being set targets for Crossrail 2 in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2017 NOW when the scheme may never come to Kingston and, if it does come, is unlikely to come for 20 years?

Why are we being designated an "opportunity area" NOW (or at all) when there is plenty of evidence that our existing transport and social infrastructure can not tolerate the implications of mass development of homes and jobs that arise from such a designation?

For example, The Cambridge Road Estate (the "CRE") has extremely low public transport accessibility ratings in many places but, under plans to redevelop the site, the CRE will see the number of homes increase threefold to over 2000 homes. This is double the density that was assumed for the CRE when housing targets were calculated for that site in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2017. Initial proposals for development on Canbury Place Car Park are also at hugely dense "opportunity area" levels

The same is happening NOW across the Borough. It seems that every site is going to see actual housing densities that are double or more what has been assumed in the new London Plan.

Our council's development plans are massive. Where is the justification for them?

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