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Slow bus to Kingston - more congestion, more pollution?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

More buses, more pollution?
Kingston being treated as an "underdeveloped part of the city"

A Freedom of Information Act request for responses from Statutory Consultees on the Early Engagement consultation for the Local Plan confirms that Transport for London is assuming that the massive development planned for Kingston will be supported solely by more buses in the absence of CrossRail 2. The draft new London Plan has already effectively discarded the arrival of CrossRail 2 to Kingston anytime before the end of the 2030s, yet plans to build 55000 new homes across the Borough and the equivalent of 36000 1 bed flats in commercial office space continue

"Major public transport schemes should shape growth. Crossrail 2 has the potential to play a crucial role in unlocking homes and growth within Kingston and as stated in Policy 21 of the MTS, land around stations presents opportunities to ‘create high-density, mixed-use places’ and ‘unlock growth potential in the underdeveloped parts of the city’.

Other schemes can also help support growth, particularly in the shorter term. We are continuing to review how to reshape and improve the bus network to provide improved services where they are needed (for example by redeploying buses from central/inner to outer London) to support mode shift and growth. Potential improvements include providing more direct, more frequent and faster connections, providing direct links between town centres or delivering new routes, with a possibility for new types of services such as bus rapid transit. The bus network can adapt to changing needs and should therefore be integral to growth plans, especially to cater for incremental densification and small sites."

Can large numbers of buses ploughing their way from Kingston to Central London, and from Kingston to anywhere else, address the needs of a population that is forecasts to almost double in size in 22 years?

What will the environmental effects be of such a massive increase in bus use, and what will the effect be on road congestion?

And why is Kingston being treated as one of the "undeveloped parts of the city"? Kingston Town is in Zone 6

So what about Richmond Town which is Zone 4 and Wimbledon Town which is Zone 3?

Why are they not being treated in the same way?

You can read TfL's response to Kingston Council's Early Engagement consultation on the Local Plan here

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