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Sport England unhappy with timescale and lack of funding for proposed new Kingston leisure centre

Sport England have maintained their objection to the demolition of The Kingfisher Leisure Centre

Sport England objected to the demolition of The Kingfisher Leisure Centre but Kingston Council has decided to plough ahead with the demolition despite Sport England's and thousands of residents' concerns and objections to the unnecessary razing to the ground of a valuable sports, leisure and community facility in Kingston Town:

"I note the response around funding including the link to the budget report which sets out how the capital programme as a whole is proposed to be funded, including the leisure centre. I note that proposed construction timescales are March 23 - Dec 24. I maintain that this is likely to be a complex and challenging project to deliver, but cannot object purely on this basis." Sport England

Sport England has already stated clearly that it wanted to see committed funding for a new leisure centre before The Kingfisher is demolished, but Kingston Council has failed to raise any real money to support its plans and does not appear to care whether its plans are realistic and deliverable or if they are simply pie in the sky fancies that it is using to justify demolition of the existing centre

Sport England's final objection to Kingston Council's plans to demolish The Kingfisher Leisure Centre

It appears completely impossible that a new leisure centre of the scale and size of the one being presented to committee tonight can be built in 22 months, a timeframe which is significantly shorter than the average time to complete such a project given by Swim England

The timeframe of 22 months to build a new leisure centre given to Sport England also assumes that no archaeological artefacts will be found on-site causing delays to demolition or construction works

The area in which The Kingfisher stands is an area of potentially national significance for archaeological remains

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