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Sport England objects to the demolition of the Kingfisher Leisure Centre

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Time to save Royal Kingston

Sport England has today registered an OBJECTION to Kingston Council's application to DEMOLISH the Kingfisher Leisure Centre

In summary, Sport England states:

"Sport England considers that the application conflicts with Objective ‘Protect’ as there are currently no firm details of the leisure centre’s replacement available, and no evidence that the leisure centre is not currently required."

"In light of the above and the lack of evidence of any exceptional circumstances Sport England objects to the application."

Kingston Royals, the local swimming club, has been using The Kingfisher Leisure Centre for swimming lessons for 35 years, and the Leisure Centre is an amazing community facility.

You can read here why the many people who have joined Local Community Group, Save Royal Kingston, from across the Borough joined together to apply for The Kingfisher Leisure Centre to be listed as an Asset of Community Value ("ACV").

The Council is making a decision whether to accept the application for The Kingfisher to be an ACV on 16 September 2021, which is after they will have decided whether or not to demolish The Kingfisher Leisure Centre.

Surely the Council must now withdraw its application to demolish the Kingfisher Leisure Centre?

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