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The Truth - hidden away from public scrutiny

What will Kingston look like in 22 years time?

Look at Kingston's large site targets including Crossrail 2 in the draft new London Plan

These targets are falsely justified by the fact that Kingston will be an "opportunity area". But that designation brings us nothing but an excuse for massively elevated development.

It is merely a circular argument for ever increasing levels of density

The chart relates purely to our base housing target PLUS additional homes that will be required if we get Crossrail 2. It does NOT include the extra 9,000 homes we will also be expected to deliver just for becoming an "opportunity area"

Think of Croydon, Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea and Canada Water

Firstly, we need to know if the densities and type of development imposed in these areas has been right. What has the effect of this scale and form of development been on existing communities and neighbourhoods and on the historical and natural environment?

Read community organisation Just Space's comments on "opportunity areas" to the Inspectors of the Examination in Public of the London Plan and see if you agree with their analysis:

Then ask yourself whether - because building has taken place at such high densities in these places - it is "achievable" in Kingston. There is no mention, of course, of whether such levels of development are desirable

The chart is from the Strategic Housing and Land Availability Assessment 2017 that the GLA and Kingston Council used to calculate our housing targets and which has been used to justify our targets in the draft new London Plan

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