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Can the Royal Family save our Royal Borough?

In need of Royal protection?

Several residents have written to the Queen and Prince Charles to make them aware of the council and GLA's undemocratically-agreed growth plans for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. They have all received replies

I myself will be writing to Princes William and Harry to make them aware of the huge mental health impact that I believe these undemocratic growth plans for mass "regeneration" and growth across the Borough will have on people from all of our communities, and especially on the more vulnerable amongst us

In November 2018, our councillors gave council officers the authority without any scrutiny to negotiate to buy any of our or our neighbours' property for redevelopment if it has a value of less than or equal to £1 million. The Director of Sales at Hamptons Estate Agent in Kingston tells me this represents over 90% of properties in the Borough

Are we all going to be waiting for that knock on our door?

Are we all going to be sitting waiting for news that our neighbours have sold and the council want to buy our home too so that they can "regenerate" the "brownfield site" on which our homes stand?

We need sustainable, manageable and democratically-agreed growth - growth that respects the needs and well-being of people already living in our Borough, as well as those of new residents, and that protects the Royal Borough for all of our children and our children's children

We must not sit back and watch whilst our local, London-based and national politicians plan for the whole of our ancient Royal Borough to be destroyed by undemocratically agreed over-development

According to Wikipedia, The Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames is the oldest Royal Borough. and dates from Saxon times. Kingston was called Cyninges tun in AD 838, Chingestune in 1086, Kingeston in 1164, Kyngeston super Tamisiam in 1321 and Kingestowne upon Thames in 1589. The name means 'the king's manor or estate' from the Old English words cyning and tun

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