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Urban Clearway - Timeline of Kingston council's predetermined plans to bulldoze our Borough

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Can the best of pre-determined plans fail?

How does a council and the Greater London Authority (the "GLA") push through plans to multiply by at least four times the number of homes that will be built in the Borough, whether Kingston or elsewhere in London, over and above those needed to accommodate the forecast increase in local population, but without residents knowing or having any say in the scale of the plans?

How does a council and the GLA agree that any London Borough will build premises for tens of thousands of jobs, but without its residents knowing or having any say in the scale of the plans?

Here are links to my evidence supporting how these things have happened to Kingston. I have also posted the documents under Evidence on this website

The first document is Why Growth is Unsound

This document explores WHY the decisions that the council and the GLA have made and the actions they have taken to establish growth targets for Kingston are flawed and WHY it matters

The second document is Timeline of Decisions

This document provides a timeline of decisions that have been made by the council and the GLA since 2014 that have led to the situation in which we, the residents of Kingston, now find ourselves. Each entry provides details of what happened or the decision made on the date listed and is fully referenced so you can read all documents that are referred to in the timeline

I have used my best endeavours to find out how Kingston's massive large site targets have come about and how vast swathes of the Borough have come to be designated an "opportunity area" in the draft new London Plan

I know I do not know everything and I do not claim that the information I present is complete or wholly accurate. I have done my best to find clarity where it does not exist. I have had to piece information together as I have found things out. I was hoping to have more information from some Freedom of Information Act requests to the GLA but I am currently blocked by the GLA on the basis that my requests are "vexatious", something I am appealing

If you have information that I have not seen, please share it so that this evidence base is as accurate as possible

The council, by submitting multiple large sites across the Borough to the GLA which have been used to make up our massive housing target, has opened the floodgate for developers and for development on a scale that we have never seen before

The consultation on the "Early Engagement document for Kingston's Local Plan (the "Early Engagement document") ends on Wednesday 31 July 2019

The Early Engagement document does not give complete information about the scale of growth being planned for Kingston, nor does it explain how our large site targets or the designation of the Borough as an "opportunity area" has come about. Nor does the document lay out any real choices. If we are faced with growth on the scale laid out for Kingston in the draft new London Plan, and if we become an "opportunity area", we will have no choice about what happens or where it happens and we will see small sites and large sites developed at maximum densities wherever we live

The Direction of Travel document, rushed through the council in October 2016, a non-legally binding document, and which received only 219 responses to the summer holiday consultation, is - alone - being used as evidence that residents gave our "approval" for this growth and for the creation of an "opportunity area" across the Borough

It is a dubious privilege for an ancient Royal Borough with well-established communities and a rich natural and historical environment to be the first whole Borough to become an "opportunity area", a designation normally reserved for contiguous brownfield sites in need of regeneration such as Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea

I hope the evidence I have compiled will help you understand how we have got to this point and why we need to make more people aware of what has already happened and what is planned for Kingston


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