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We must act now before it is too late - David Attenborough

We must act now to protect local biodiversity which is under threat

Please donate now to my fundraising to take The London Plan to judicial review if you can

Tonight, David Attenborough stated more clearly than ever that loss and fragmentation of habitat are the biggest threat facing biodiversity globally and in our own back yard

The London Plan breaches environmental law by failing - among other things - to assess properly how development planned all around Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and Epping Forest might - indeed, will - harm the stag beetle and ancient woodland in Richmond Park and to offer appropriate protection. You can read more about some of the harm that the London Plan will cause to biodiversity here

Meanwhile, Kingston Council's housing and jobs targets have been set with absolutely NO assessment of the environmental impact of development on such a massive scale. This also must be challenged

We must not sit back and let biodiversity in London be destroyed by our government's and local public authorities' lack of will to protect the environment in the face of pressure from developers to make profit

This is the moment

Please donate to my fundraising to help save London's biodiversity. Please donate again you have already donated, and help me do everything I can to challenge the London Plan and its failure to offer protections to biodiversity that are due in national and international law

You can read my post on how London's biodiversity is being threatened by the London Plan here

I have sent detailed scientific evidence and expert opinion supporting my belief that environmental laws are being broken to Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London, Robert Jenrick as Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and to Natural England, the conservation body for England. This includes evidence from scientists and researchers in the UK, Belgium, Japan and the USA, many of whom I have corresponded with directly.

Please support me by donating now so that we can take the London Plan to judicial review

There is almost no time left

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