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Why New Malden residents in Kingston must use their vote for a non-Lib Dem councillor tonight

We need independent scrutiny of Kingston Council's plans to close down day centres for people in need of social care

Please vote tonight for independent scrutiny of the Liberal Democrat council

Did you know that next week at The People Committee, Kingston council's Liberal Democrat Council are likely to vote to take away day centre provision from adults in need of social care across the Borough?

The aim is that charities and religious groups and private companies and care homes will be paid under contract by the council to provide "community" support to get the majority of people with social care needs into employment or volunteering jobs and to ostensibly to create a community for people with such needs

The by-product of the scheme is that the council may repurpose or sell off public buildings currently used to provide day-care and that people who would currently qualify for social care will instead be found employment and volunteering positions

Big changes like this one that will affect us all are the reason why residents of New Malden should exercise your democratic right tonight and vote for a non-Liberal Democrat member to sit on the council, to represent your interests and to scrutinise proposals such as these ones to ensure they are fit for purpose

According to the Equalities Impact Assessment of the proposed scheme which is worth millions of pounds to the charities, religious groups and private organisations from whom the council will commission services, Kingston Council did not manage to engage with the Korean community from whom NO individual responses were received from the survey of proposals, and yet the proposals are still going ahead.

Is this right?

Every council needs scrutiny and at the moment there is almost none in Kingston

Please vote tonight for independent scrutiny of the Liberal Democrat council

Your vote matters tonight more than ever

Please make a difference while you can
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