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Read the new London Plan

Read what the Mayor of London says about the new London Plan

The Inequalities of the London Plan that must be stopped

Wherever you live in London, our local authorities and the Mayor of London have decided – without the requirement for any local environmental, health or equalities assessment – how much development shall take place in our area


London’s growth has already been hugely unevenly distributed between 2001 and 2019, with Kensington seeing a fall in its population and Merton and Hammersmith and Fulham seeing only single digit growth in percentage terms, whilst Newham and Tower Hamlets saw population growth of over 40% and 60% respectively against a London-wide average of 22%

Under the new London Plan, people living in certain areas of London, and particularly in outer London, are to be hit with large-scale development on a scale not seen before. People living in wide areas across boroughs such as Hounslow, Ealing, Kingston, Merton and Wandsworth in the south and west of London and Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Enfield, Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Haringey and Barking and Dagenham in the north and east, which are targeted as ‘opportunity areas’ and ‘strategic areas for regeneration’, will suffer most

People living in many of these areas already suffer the greatest population density, highest pollution levels and the least green and open space.  Other areas, such as Kingston and the Lee Valley, have been targeted for large-scale development because of their proximity to green space, but with scant regard for the rare and valuable biodiversity value that such space provides and the need for it to be protected


Yet all of these places are areas where the London Plan envisages an acceleration of residential development on a massive scale, with the construction of vast numbers of unaffordable, high-rise, high-density flats


Much of the proposed development, such as office to residential conversions, student accommodation, ‘shared living’ and flats on top of existing buildings, have no space standards to which developers are required to adhere. The minimum space standards that do exist in the Plan are not generous in the first place and minimum amenity and outdoor space is encouraged due apparently ‘to the level of housing need and the need to make efficient use of land’

The London Plan is also predicated on the assumption that Crossrail and other rail networks, many currently unfunded, will be the conduit for millions of people to travel to the centre of London for work.  Notwithstanding people working from home, with so much overcrowding on the network already, the addition of hundreds of thousands more people in London would make such travel even more of a nightmare.  Post the Coronavirus, will it even be a possibility?

It’s time to take stock


This crisis has to be a turning point. The way we’ve been living has not been sustainable, equitable or humane

Space is a human rights issue


We all need enough space both inside our dwellings and in our outside environment

Nature is also a human rights issue.  We all need natural green spaces within walking distance of where we live that can support us without being destroyed themselves. That is sustainable development


Urban super-densification is not working in this crisis


The Coronavirus is revealing the cracks in our modes of living, with people’s physical and mental health deteriorating day by day, with, of course, poor and disadvantaged people worst affected

"Opportunity Areas" - Soaring Inequalities in the new London Plan


"Opportunity Areas" are areas for huge high-rise growth like you can see going up at Vauxhall, Battersea and Nine Elms. This is the model that is being used for large-scale high-rise growth in all the areas below and which represents unsustainable development that will vastly increase inequalities across our capital city


The Mayor of London argues that opportunity area growth has been planned in areas with the "capacity" to take it. But the research we have conducted shows that there has often been no assessment at all on a local level - as is the case in Kingston - of the effects of growth on the scale agreed on equalities, health and the environment, including habitats and biodiversity,

"Opportunity area" growth targets are on pages 36 and 37 of the linked document

These growth figures are in addition to each Borough's base housing targets and are for high-rise, dense, super-urban development on "large" sites

We have reproduced the figures below (figures over 5,000 in bold, over 10,000 in red) as they appear in the London Plan. The figures are not presented in the London Plan by by geographic area in London which HIDES huge massing of development that is going to happen in certain places:

                                                                                                         Res. units     Jobs

West/ North West London

Hounslow                                                                                       20.500           25,000

Hayes                                                                                       4,000             1,000

Southall                                                                                    9,000           3,000

Ealing -Old Oak/Park Royal                                                  25,500          65,000

Ealing -Old Oak Park Royal (appears twice)                     25,500          65,000

Wembley                                                                                 14,000           13,500

Colindale/Burnt Oak                                                               7,000          2,000

Brent Cross/Cricklewood                                                             9,500        26,000

Harrow and Wealdstone                                                       5,000            1,000

Kensal Canalside                                                                     3,500           2,000


South West/ South London

Kingston                                                                                    9,000          5,000

Wimbledon/Colliers Wood/South Wimbledon                   5,000          6,000

Clapham Junction                                                                  2,500          2,500 

Vauxhall, Nine Elms, Battersea                                                 18,500           18,500

Sutton                                                                                        5,000           3,500

Croydon                                                                                            14,500          10,500

White City                                                                                  7,000          2,000

Earls Court/West Kensington                                                      6,500           5,000


South/ South East London

Greenwich Peninsula                                                             17,000           15,000

New Cross/Lewisham/Catford                                               13,500          4,000

Bexley Riverside                                                                        6,000        19,000

Thamesmead/Abbey Wood                                                  8,000          4,000

Bromley                                                                                      2,500         2,000

North/ North East/ Central-East London


North Lee Valley                                                                    21,000            13,000

Wood Green                                                                            4,500            2,500

New Southgate                                                                       2,500            3,000

Ilford                                                                                                    6,000               500

Romford                                                                                    5,000              500

Stratford                                                                                  39,000        65,000

North and South Poplar Riverside                                         9,000          3,000

Royal Docks/Beckton Riverside                                           30,000          41,500

London Riverside                                                                   44,000         29,000

Charlton Riverside                                                                   8,000           1,000

Woolwich                                                                                  5,000           2,500

Deptford Creek/Greenwich Riverside                                   5,500         3,000

Peckham: Old Kent Road                                                        12,000          5,000

Central and Isle of Dogs

Waterloo                                                                                     1,500          6,000

Elephant & Castle                                                                     5,000         10,000

London Bridge/Bankside                                                         4,000          5,500

AngelCity Fringe/Tech City                                                   15,500        50,500

Canada Water                                                                          5,000        20,000

Isle of Dogs                                                                               29,000        110,000

Paddington                                                                                 1,000         13,000

Victoria                                                                                        1,000          4,000

Tottenham Court Road                                                              300          6,000

Euston                                                                                  2,800 - 3,800   8,600 - 15,000

King’s Cross                                                                                 1,000       25,000

10 year base housing targets in Policy H1 of the new London Plan (Opportunity Area housing targets add to these figures)

Barking & Dagenham                                                           19,440

Barnet                                                                                    23,640

Bexley                                                                                       6,850

Brent                                                                                       23,250

Bromley                                                                                    7,740

Camden                                                                                 10,380

City of London                                                                          1,460

Croydon                                                                                 20,790

Ealing                                                                                       21,570

Enfield                                                                                      12,460

Greenwich                                                                             28,240

Hackney                                                                                  13,280

Hammersmith & Fulham                                                      16,090

Haringey                                                                                  15,920

Harrow                                                                                      8,020

Havering                                                                                  12,850

Hillingdon                                                                                 10,830

Hounslow                                                                                 17,820

Islington                                                                                     7,750

Kensington & Chelsea                                                            4,480

Kingston                                                                                    9,640

Lambeth                                                                                   13,350

Lewisham                                                                                 16,670

London Legacy Development Corporation                        21,540

Merton                                                                                        9,180

Newham                                                                                 32,800

Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation                  13,670

Redbridge                                                                                14,090

Richmond                                                                                    4,110

Southwark                                                                               23,550

Sutton                                                                                        4,690

Tower Hamlets                                                                        34,730

Waltham Forest                                                                       12,640

Wandsworth                                                                             19,500

Westminster                                                                              9,850

Total                                                                                                 522,870

14 places across London are designated as Metropolitan Town Centres and are eamarked for particularly large-scale growth in the London Plan

How do these deignations make sense, given the lack of decent public transport in many areas and access to green space that can sustain human onslaught? Kingston, for example, relies heavily on dirty and slow buses for people to travel around and has a lack of green space. Majority of accessible space is protected natural habitats to which we should not all be heading for our recreation. Destroying natural biodiversity can not be good for our mental health at a period of such huge environmental crisis.

1. Bromley

2. Croydon

3. Ealing

4, Shepherd's Bush

5. Wood Green

6. Harrow

7. Romford

8. Uxbridge

9. Hounslow

10. Kingston

11. Stratford

12. Ilford

13. Sutton

14. Canary Wharf

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